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Introduction. Cognitive And Contextual Perspectives Are

Introduction Cognitive and contextual perspectives are two of the major prospective of childhood development. Jean Piaget was a major proponent of cognitive perspective. Cognitive perspective emphasizes how changes or growth in people play into how they learn and perceive their world. While Lev Vygotsky, and Urie Bronfenbrenner were the driving forces behind Contextual Perspective. Contextual perspective takes into account the environment surrounding children and how our relationships effect ones growth. Within this paper we will be discussing the different theories that Piaget, Vygotsky, and Bronfenbrenner believed that aided children with learning thought childhood and adolescence. Piaget Jean Piaget believed that our brains†¦show more content†¦The three main components of Piaget’s theory are scheme, assimilation, and accommodation. Scheme is defined as organized group of similar actions or thoughts that are used repeatedly in response to the environment (Ormrod, p.27). Assimilation is dealing with the objects or events in the way that is consistent with an existing scheme. Accommodation is the process of modifying a scheme when a new object event. They may make modifications to existing schemes, or form a new one (Ormrod, p. 27). Bronfenbrenner Whereas Piaget believed that children constructed their own knowledge about the world, Bronfenbrenner believed that the world surround a child was what influenced how they learned. Urie Bronfenbrenner believed that children had different layers that surrounded them. They first was the family, the most intimate daily interactions. The second layer consisted of neighbors, teachers, peers. People that were around regularly, but not in close as family. The final layer is state/government that by way of laws and policies dictate development. Vygotsky Les Vygotsky believed that adult in any society foster children’s cognitive development in an intentional and somewhat systematic manner (Ormrod, p.36). He believed that the first few years in a child’s development where the most critical for cognitive learning. He had hisShow MoreRelatedThe Theories That Best Resonate With Me Essay1179 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction In analyzing my development, the two theories that best resonate with me are the cognitive theory of Baxter Magolda’s Model and the moral theory of Rest’s Approach. I plan to first begin explaining Baxter’s cognitive model and relate it to my personal development through personal examples. I will transition to talk about Rest’s moral development approach and how the approach applies to my personal development. Baxter Magolda’s Model The Baxter Magolda’s Model focuses on the epistemologicalRead MoreCognitive Theory : Baxter Magolda s Model And The Moral Theory Of Rest s Approach Essay1321 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In analyzing my personal development, the two theories that best resonate with me are the cognitive theory of Baxter Magolda’s Model and the moral theory of Rest’s Approach. I plan to first begin explaining Baxter’s cognitive model and relate it to my personal development through personal examples. I will transition to talk about Rest’s moral development approach and how the approach applies to my personal development. Baxter Magolda’s Model The Baxter Magolda’s Model focuses on theRead MoreLifespan Development : Cognitive, And Personal And Social Development1717 Words   |  7 PagesLifespan Psychology Introduction Lifespan Development is the field of study that examines patterns, modes of growth, change, and stability in behavior that occur throughout the entire lifespan of an individual. There are so many things to keep in mind about Lifespan Psychology; 1. Lifespan Psychology is a scientific, developmental approach that focuses on human development. 2. Scientists who study the lifespan know that neither heredity nor environment alone can account for the full range of humanRead MoreImportance Of Selection Measures And Performance Management Practices1463 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In today’s business world, there is an increasing trend of diversification. Diversity contributes a multitude of benefits to an organization’s success and competitiveness. Even though many companies fully understand the advantages of being a diverse organization, they still subconsciously or intentionally engage in practices that may lead to discrimination in the workplace. In this paper, we will take a close look at diversity and discrimination separately, and provide valid answersRead MoreA Critical Reflection on Information Processing Theories of Trauma Response1613 Words   |  7 PagesExam number: CLPS11045 Word count: 1099 Introduction Cognitive theories that focus on information processing have been the most influential theories of trauma in terms of generating testable hypotheses and directing current treatments (Salmon Bryant, 2002). For this reason, we will attempt to critically evaluate this area of trauma theory with reference to other popular theories, the research evidence, clinical practice and developmental factors. Information Processing Theories of TraumaRead MoreOpen Learner Model As A Tool For Self Regulated Learning1603 Words   |  7 Pagesof expert knowledge that can be used as a standard to evaluate learner performance or to detect errors (Nkambou, Bourdeau, and Mizoguchi, 2010). Student model, the central component of an ITS, contains knowledge about the students including their cognitive and affective states, their learning progress, and optimal pedagogical strategies based on the knowledge (Nkambou, Bourdeau, and Mizoguchi, 2010). Tutoring model decides tutoring strategies based on the input from domain model and student model.Read MoreEvaluation Based On Their Episodic Memory1745 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Eyewitnesses are required to provide testimony based on their episodic memory to aid the investigation in courtroom. Idealistically, eyewitnesses are able to provide details of crime scene accurately. However, the interference during the process of encoding and retrieval of episodic memory may impair eyewitnesses’ memory. In Megreya and Burton (2008) research, it was found that witnesses were less capable to encode faces in traumatic events. Because of flashbulb effect, some witnessesRead MoreOne of the Main Divisions Between Mainstream and Critical Social Psychology Is That of the Methods Adopted. Discuss with Reference to the Cognitive Social and at Least One Other Social Psychological Perspective.1698 Words   |  7 Pagesand critical social psychology is that of the methods adopted. Discuss with reference to the cognitive social and at least one other social psychological perspective. Social psychology has existed for about 100 years, before which psychology was a branch of philosophy. Social psychology studies individuals in their social contexts. It is a diverse discipline made up of many theoretical perspectives and variety of different methods are used in social psychological research. This assignmentRead MoreThe Is Still At An Exploratory Phase802 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Interpreting between two languages, whether the practitioner interprets in a simultaneous or consecutive manner, is a task that incorporates many complexities. Not surprisingly, even with the plethora of research on various aspects of the interpreting process, empirical research into team interpreting is still at an exploratory phase. To date, investigation into team interpreting has been confined to focussing on courtroom and conference team interpreting situations. This current studyRead MoreDescribe What Comprises a Comprehensive Cbt Case Study – Evaluate the Use of Case Studies in Therapy.1735 Words   |  7 PagesDescribe what comprises a comprehensive CBT case study – Evaluate the use of case studies in therapy. Cognitive Behavioural therapy is a based on the fundamental idea that emotions are experienced as a result of our interpretation and appraisals of events (Dryden 2004). Case studies are a method of inquiry used in theory development, education as well as client evaluation. Case studies in CBT therapy help document the therapeutic process for both the client and therapist, as well measures, tests

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Poverty and Deprivation Essay - 1714 Words

Poverty and Deprivation Absolute (or subsistence) Poverty is a term used to describe poverty that is measured as being without the resources to maintain health and physical efficiency. Basic human needs such as an amount of food, clothes and shelter are ways that ‘being in’ absolute poverty is measured. â€Å"a family is poor if it cannot afford to eat†. (Keith Joseph, 1979). The concept of absolute poverty was developed by Rowntree in the 19th century. Usually measured as a minimum sum of money. Rowntree’s early studies of York and Booth’s Life and Labour in east London are both examples of a calculation of resources (money) needed to meet the needs of survival, therefore being classified as†¦show more content†¦Those households unable to afford inside toilets, central heating and a television are seen as poor relative to the majority of the UK population. Luxuries (available to the few), move to comforts and then to necessaries and the line that separates the poor will vary according to how affluent that society is. According to Townsend (1979), â€Å"Individual families and groups in the population can be said to be in poverty when they lack the resources to obtain the types of diets, participate in the activities and have the living conditions which are customary, or at least widely encouraged and approved, in the societies to which they belong†. The lack of material possessions and facilities necessary for ‘material well being’ are not the only way to view those ‘in poverty’ because exclusion from the lifestyle of the community in which a person belongs is also a measure of poverty. Not exclusively shaped by physical necessity, but also by cultural expectations. For example, in Western culture an important tradition to buy Christmas presents is not a physical necessity. Those unable to do so are seen as poor. A way of life that to some extent differs from the rest of society is formed by people who have a tendency to share similar circumstances and problems, like poverty. The norms and attitudes and values are distinctive to that social group and collectively peopleShow MoreRelatedThe Inequality Of Poverty And Deprivation Throughout The World1368 Words   |  6 PagesWashington DC, a homeless man in his late 50s—who is good-natured and suffers from no drug addiction, nor mental or physical disability— holds a cup to passersby each day for money. When most people see these kinds of poverty – and there are many different levels and layers of poverty and deprivation throughout the world -- they think first about the glaring inequalities of income and wealth, both within and between countries. But inequality is only part of the story, and depending on the place and the timeRead MoreWhat are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Area Approaches to Tackling Poverty and Deprivation?1109 Words   |  5 Pagesapproaches to tackling poverty and deprivation? By Lauren Wright, word limit 25000 words Poverty and deprivation remains a vast problem in the United Kingdom, charity Oxfam (2013) reveals that 1 in 5 households are living under the poverty line making daily life a struggle. The UK government has implemented area-based approaches in order to tackle poverty and deprivation since the 1960s, these initiatives target geographical areas that experience high levels of poverty and deprivation. These methods haveRead MoreThe Presentation of Poverty and Deprivation in Down and Out in Paris and London and the Plays Strife and The Silver Box2123 Words   |  9 Pages The Presentation of Poverty and Deprivation in Down and Out in Paris and London and the Plays Strife and The Silver Box In Down and Out in Paris and London Orwell describes and discusses poverty as he saw and experienced it. Orwell describes that poverty is not the way people expect it to be. People, who have never personally experienced poverty, believe that it must be terrible, Orwell tells us that it is not, he says that it is squalid and boring. He also Read MoreThe Millenium Declaration Goals 20001758 Words   |  7 Pagesextreme poverty and hunger 2. Achievement of universal primary education 3. Promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, 4. Reduction of child mortality 5. Improvement in maternal health 6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, 7. Ensuring environmental sustainability and 8. Develop a global partnership for development. The accomplishing focus of these objectives is until 2015. Subsequently such advancement methodologies are critical to meet these objectives. Poverty is seriousRead MoreSocial Exclusion vs. Poverty Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pagesin the United Kingdom. Not all of these factors are as straightforward as each other. By considering these causes, I will be able to explain why poverty is not the same as social exclusion. It states in the Introduction of Labours next steps: tackling social exclusion, that social exclusion is about more than poverty and unemployment, it is also about being cut off and neglected by the rest of society. The Social Exclusion Unit states that the definition ofRead MoreTesting Frequency Distributions ( 314 Words )1128 Words   |  5 PagesTesting Frequency Distributions (314 words) Using the NCOVR_US_HOMICIDES data I investigated the distribution of female headed households and family poverty to see if the data was normally distributed or not, this was the issue that the research question and hypotheses focused on. H1 Family poverty is skewed compared to a normal distribution H2 Family poverty is not skewed compared to a normal distribution The Chi-squared test has certain requirements in terms of the minimum expected population forRead MoreCzech Republic s Problem Of Poverty796 Words   |  4 PagesIn terms of poverty, Table 2 shows the percentage of the population in Czech Republic compare with the world from 2006 to 2012 who live on less than $1.90 a day. From 2006 to 2012, Czech Republic’s poverty headcount ratio at $1.90 a day has been nearly 0% of population compare to nearly 15% of world population. Not only Czech Republic has a low ratio of poverty headcount at $1.90 a day, but also has the percentage of population living under the at-risk-of-poverty threshold lower than an averageRead MorePoverty Inequality And Poverty And Inequality875 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant concepts which are poverty and inequality. Both inequality and poverty have mainly negatives impacts in the society therefore, it is almost a prerequisite to have an understanding of both for the sake of reduce them accurately. The first purpose of the essay is to give a thorough understanding of what poverty and inequality are. The second purpose is to display some similarity between poverty and inequality. Poverty Primarily, a simple definition of poverty is highly questionableRead MorePoverty is the Main Cause of Social Class Differences in Educational Achievement558 Words   |  3 PagesPoverty is the Main Cause of Social Class Differences in Educational Achievement This essay will assess the view that poverty is the main cause of social class differences in educational achievement. There are many causes of these differences which can be linked to cultural deprivation, and will be discussed in this essay. Material deprivation is lack of money and things which money can buy, and is the main cause of poverty. Item B suggests that that this is the mainRead MorePolicy Brief : Mental Health And Young People Essay1418 Words   |  6 Pagesrates of mental health problems are lower than those reported in Northern Ireland (McLafferty 2016). Muldoon (2004) believes that the mental health rates in post-conflict Northern Ireland are higher due to the poverty and deprivation that accompanied the Troubles. Poverty and deprivation are seen to one of the leading causes of mental health problems globally (Muldoon 2004). Fitch et al. (2011) systematic review into the relationship between personal debt and mental health states that there is

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Cool Hand Luke Movie Critique Courage and Self-Respect

Cool Hand Luke directed by the reputable Stuart Rosenberg and nominated for four Oscars is a tragic tale of an ordinary individual rising up the courage to oppose the establishment, thus becoming a hero. Cool Hand Luke weaves a rich tapestry of the prison life on both sides of the establishment and the injustices of the system. In short Cool Hand Luke is a movie that focuses on the struggles of a single courageous man and his quest for freedom. After being incarcerated for a petty crime and sent to a chain-gang jail, Lucas Jackson (Paul Newman) has risen up the ranks of the establishment and become the prisoners’ idol as well as the guard’s enemy. Jacksons’s contrasting relationship with the guards and the prisoners is an important†¦show more content†¦Some may see this movie as a pessimistic film to its core. Pessimistic about the existence of justice, freedom and independence. In the end Luke dies for his ambitions, and Luke’s story being tol d as legend can, at best be seen as a hollow victory. Ultimately Cool Hand Luke is a film about how far a man’s courage can push the system and what happens when the system pushesShow MoreRelatedEssay on Cool Hand Luke Movie Critique: Courage And Self-Respect759 Words   |  4 PagesCool Hand Luke directed by the reputable Stuart Rosenberg and nominated for four Oscars is a tragic tale of an ordinary individual rising up the courage to oppose the establishment, thus becoming a hero. Cool Hand Luke weaves a rich tapestry of the prison life on both sides of the establishment and the injustices of the system. In short Cool Hand Luke is a movie that focuses on the struggles of a single courageous man and his quest for freedom. After being incarcerated for a petty crime and sentRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesWork–Life Conflicts 21 †¢ Creating a Positiv e Work Environment 22 †¢ Improving Ethical Behavior 22 Coming Attractions: Developing an OB Model 23 An Overview 23 †¢ Inputs 24 †¢ Processes 25 †¢ Outcomes 25 Summary and Implications for Managers 30 S A L Self-Assessment Library How Much Do I Know About Organizational Behavior? 4 Myth or Science? â€Å"Most Acts of Workplace Bullying Are Men Attacking Women† 12 An Ethical Choice Can You Learn from Failure? 24 glOBalization! Does National Culture Affect Organizational

Learnings in Operations Management from Henry Ford, Sloan...

The success of Henry Ford till 1925s Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He didn’t even invent the assembly line. But more than any other single individual, he was responsible for transforming the automobile from an invention of unknown utility into an innovation that profoundly shaped the 20th century and continues to affect our lives today. Model T (A car for everyman) In simple terms, the Model T changed the world. It was a powerful car with a possible speed of 45 mph. It could run 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline. It carried a 20-horsepower, side-valve four-cylinder engine and two-speed planetary transmission on a 100-inch wheelbase. It was Henry Ford’s foresight which saw the potential market of automobiles. In his†¦show more content†¦Advantages of assembly Line : In his autobiography Henry Ford (1922) mentions several benefits of the assembly line including: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · Workers do no heavy lifting. No stooping or bending over. No special training required. There are jobs that almost anyone can do. Provided employment to immigrants. The gains in productivity allowed Ford to increase worker pay from $1.50 per day to $5.00 per day once employees reached three years of service on the assembly line. Ford continued on to reduce the hourly work week while continuously lowering the Model T price. Interchangeable/Standard Parts Centre to the concept of assembly line was the concept of interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts meant that all the cars had same components at same place. This saved time which could have been wasted in sorting and identification of different parts. Henry Ford made sure that all components were standardised in the production of Model T. But it was not only parts which were standardised, Henry Ford also standardised all the processes. Following Frederick Taylor’s â€Å"One right way to do the task†, Henry Ford devised the best possible way for a process. These were usually devised by detailed study of every task, time measurements and dividing tasks into small, controllable and reproducible steps. Labour policies Ford astonished the world in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage ($120 today), which more than doubled the rate of mostShow MoreRelatedMachine That Changed the World Review6488 Words   |  26 PagesInto the Future Lean Enterprise Model Womack Video 3, 4 5 Readings and Links Manufacturing Resources Manufacturing Department Tutorials - Lean Production / Lean Manufacturing The Machine that changed the World DEFENSE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT COLLEGE MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT TEACHING NOTE George Noyes, 1997 The Machine that Changed the World (Synopsis) This book was written by the three senior managers of the International Motor Vehicle Program. It was a program born out of an internationalRead MoreFord Motor Case Study5714 Words   |  23 Pagesto attribute strategy to individual achievement, achievement from a company, a country or at the very least a non – financial institute to achieve strategic success. Ford Motor Company has in recent times lost its market share to emerging Asian companies such as Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan. As a new landscape of economic might surfaces, new car stereotypes are emerging. Finding a place in these segments is proving difficult for Ford Motors and hence need to change its strategies. Hyper-competitionRead MoreToyota Swot Analysis7337 Words   |  30 PagesCoursework in Corporate Strategy Prof. Erik Larsen †© TOYOTA†GOING†©GREEN†© Group Members: Kaloyan Blagoev Mariam Hayryan Robin Mà ¼ller Dragana Stajic Immanuel Wà ¼thrich Ãâ€"rs Zà ©kany Lugano, 17.12.2009 Summary During the 1990s a global and strong emphasis has been put on the environmental issues worldwide, legally binding documents being signed by governments, obliging to adopt â€Å"green† policies. Manufacturers had to follow the governments. Toyota answered to the â€Å"green debate† challenge by introducingRead MoreEssay about Marketing and Entry Mode19449 Words   |  78 PagesTITLE â€Å"Internationalization Process of Toyota in Europe from the Perspectives of Entry Mode and Network Structure† London School of Commerce (LSC) University of Wales Institute of Cardiff (UWIC) Student Name: Miss. Sajida Ramzan Student ID: 0089kkvl0409 Course: BABS 6 (HONS) Subject: Disertation Lecturer: Dr. Gerald Pollio Executive Summary Problem, Purpose and Method Decision-makers, like sailors, need to know how to ride out a potential storm and to understand how theRead MoreEssay on Mintzberg 5 Ps of Strategy9155 Words   |  37 PagesThe Strategy Concept I: Five Ps for Strategy* Human nature insists on a definition for every concept. The field of strategic management cannot afford to rely on a single definition of strategy, indeed the word has long been used implicitly in different ways even if it has traditionally been defined formally in only one. Explicit recognition of multiple definitions can help practitioners and researchers alike to maneuver through this difficult field. Accordingly, this article presents five definitionsRead MoreStrategic Management20602 Words   |  83 PagesDon Hammond/Design Pics/Corbis Strategic Management Inputs Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness, 2 The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Industry Competition, and Competitor Analysis, 32 The Internal Organization: Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, and Competitive Advantages, 68 Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Studying this chapter should provide you with the strategic management knowledge needed to: 1. Deï ¬ ne strategic competitivenessRead MoreManaging the International Value Chain in the Automotive Industry60457 Words   |  242 PagesThecompetitiveadvantagesofferedbyemergingmarkets 4 6 8 9 10 11 17 24 30 31 35 40 51 60 66 67 77 90 Speaking with Coimbatore K. Prahalad, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan â€Å"Wearemovingawayfromafirm-andproduct-centricviewofvaluetoanetworkcentricandco-createdviewofvalue.† From assembly plant to center of excellence: The rise of Audi’s subsidiary in Gyà ¶r, Hungary 1. EstablishingAudiHungariaasasubsidiaryofAudiAG 2. DevelopingAudiHungariaasacenterofexcellencewithintheVolkswagenGroupRead MoreManagement Theory14588 Words   |  59 PagesChapter two The Evolution of Management Theory Learning Objectives 1. Describe how the need to increase organizational efï ¬ ciency and effectiveness has guided the evolution of management theory. 2. Explain the principle of job specialization and division of labour, and tell why the study of person–task relationships is central to the pursuit of increased efï ¬ ciency. 3. Identify the principles of administration and organization that underlie effective organizations. 4. Trace the changes that have occurredRead MoreMahfuz7742 Words   |  31 PagesSPOTLIGHT ON HBR AT 90 Spotlight About the Spotlight Artist Each month we illustrate our Spotlight package with a series of works from an accomplished artist. We hope that the lively and cerebral creations of these photographers, painters, and installation artists will infuse our pages with additional energy and intelligence to amplify what are often complex and abstract concepts. This month we showcase the â€Å"rayographs† of Man Ray, the modernist giant. Born in PhiladelphiaRead MoreInstructor Manual37126 Words   |  149 PagesINSTRUCTOR’S RESOURCE MANUAL to accompany Operations and Supply Management – The Core Second Edition Prepared by F. Robert Jacobs ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to all of my colleagues who have contributed to this manual. Very few of the ideas contained in here are totally original. Thanks much to all of you for spending so much time discussing how you do things in class and allowing me to share your ideas in this manual. F. Robert Jacobs i TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Videos

When People Need to Complain About a Product or Poor Service free essay sample

When people need to complain about a product or poor service, some prefere to complain in writing other prefer to complain in person. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. When it comes to complaining about products that dont sadisfy my expectations, I prefer to complain in person. Altough a lot of people may prefer to complain in writing, I think that complaining in person is more efficient. Writing a letter or an email can hepl you to structure better your complain but you are clearly missing the direct contact with the responsable person. Complaing in person is the easiest way to talk directly with the person in charge instead of writing a letter and dont know who will answer you or even if you will ever receive an answer. We will write a custom essay sample on When People Need to Complain About a Product or Poor Service or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For example my sister bought a laptop that was defect. She wrote a letter and didnt receive an answer. When she finally went to the computer shop to complain the service of the customer care solved the problem immediately by giving her a new laptop. Also they felt really sorry because of the inconvenience they caused my sister. Another reason to complain directly in the shop is that you can explain better what the problem is. While you are talking with the responsible persons, they could ask you new questions that you didnt think about in the first place. In this way they save time to understand what the problem ist and solve it. Once my cousin was working in a call center for a big mobile company, where they were also responding to emails in which customers described their problems with the products. He explained to me that the avarage customer doesnt have a clear idea of how to explain the problem in the right way so that the experts can not solve it quickly. The results are a lot of useless emails and a lot of wasted time. All this could be evaded going directly to the shop. Even if in these days a lot of shops are working online with e-commerce and the customer service is just an anonymous call center, in my opinion it would be even more important to go out of the anonymity and to support shops that are offering a customer service in real life.